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Relax, Renew, Revitalize!

The ancient art and science of meditation are revolutionizing the modern world. Research has shown a marked difference between the quality of life experienced by meditators versus non-meditators. The fact of the matter is that meditation reduces stress dramatically and impacts directly on performance, loyalty, and productivity. This program demystifies the powerful art and science of meditation and teaches you how to experience more calm, clarity and focus in all areas of life.

Direct Testimonial

Thank you Taron for your meditation session at the convention.
Instead of feeling overwhelmed and tired after few days of intense data input, I was relaxed and full of energy. I hope you will be part of the program in Toronto.

Stéphane Simard B.A. (Éducation), B.A.A., CPIM
Auteur spécialiste de la génération Y






In this program:


  • What meditation is and is no
  • What types of meditations are available
  • The key benefits of a daily meditation practice
  • How Meditation directly reduces stress & increases performance and focus both at work and away
  • The effects of a guided meditation by experiencing one during the program

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Direct Testimonial


In follow up to our conversation after your Meditation Workshop at the 2007 Vitalize Conference, I am writing to share my experience with you.

I have MS and one of my current symptoms is difficulty walking due to spasticity and weakness in my left leg.  I limp along so badly, especially after sitting for long periods of time, that I am often asked how I hurt my leg. 
I attended a Meditation workshop with Taron Puri as presentor.  The session was 1 1/2 hours long, with a 23-24 minute meditation in the middle.  When I stood to leave, I expected my left leg to be quite stiff, as usual after sitting for that long.  I was extremely surprised and elated when I walked out of the room with only a slight limp.  I have taken Yoga and Meditation before, but I have never experienced such a dramatic improvement.  I am grateful for relief this has offered me, I believe it will enhance my quality of life.

Thank you for the session.

Donna Durnford, Program Coordinator, Volunteer Services Burea, Grande Prairie, AB.,Website: www.gpvsb.com

P.S.: I am looking forward to getting the meditation cd in the mail, so I can experience this again.  I will let you know what the longer term effects are.















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