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Program Summaries

Taron's programs are available in several ways:

  1. Keynote and Speaking presentations
  2. Workshops and Seminars
  3. On-site Retreats
  4. Individual Life Coaching

Taron’s most requested presentations are:

Relax, Renew and Revitalize
The ancient art and science of meditation are revolutionizing the modern world. Research has shown a marked difference between the quality of life experienced by meditators versus non-meditators. This program demystifi es the powerful art and science of meditation and teaches individuals and groups how to experience more calm, clarity and contentment inall areas of life - whether at work or at home. Taron has presented

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Sailing through Conflict
If conflict in life or the workplace is costing you in lost productivity, morale or loyalty, then you need to hear Taron’s highly effective approach to reframing conflict into an opportunity for growth. Although conflict is a given, it does not have to be a negative! At the root of every conflict is a need that is not being met. Taron teaches you ways to minimizing its negative impact on you and your clients.

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Manage your Energy, not your Stress
If Stress Management worked, why are we still stressed? Instead of trying to manage stress, learn how to neutralize the negative effects of stress through Energy Management - an innovative and effective strategy which goes to the ‘Core’ of decreasing the impact of stress in our lives. Too often, we deal with only symptoms and wonder why we do not achieve enduring results. Taron's unique approach has enabled hundreds of companies to help their personnel eliminate stress, enjoy work, and increase their productivity measurably.

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