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Life Coaching

Life Coaching with Taron

  • Take charge of your life and become the master of your own destiny
  • Enjoy more clarity, focus, vitality and happiness in all that you do
  • Learn how to de-stress, work with ease, & enjoy a richer quality of life
  • Find your passion, purpose and power

For over 25 years experience as a Life Coach and Stress Expert, I help you get results through innovative, tried and tested life coaching strategies, tools & techniques! I assist you in going deep within yourself to root out negative patterns and conflicts which do not support you in becoming empowered, happy, successful and fulfilled. This is accomplished when you understand that all our solutions are within us, and as we surface and implement them with awareness through our conscious mind, we measurably improve our lives. Whether you have issues with relationships, career, health and wellbeing or concerns around self-growth and personal transformation, with ‘willingness’ and ‘commitment’ to the process, results are guaranteed!

The Format – in person, by phone or by Video link on Skype

During sessions, I draw from numerous disciplines, all of which I have personally studied and applied in my own life. Each session is dynamic, and has its’ own flavor and duration. Except for our first session for which I allow 3 hours, all other sessions are scheduled for a maximum of 2 hours, and are priced per session, rather than by the hour. Such flat rate pricing allows you the freedom to enjoy great value without worrying about costs, as we never have to compromise your session due to time constraints.

Tools and Techniques

I bring to each session 25 years of experience in  Energetics, energy management, healing modalities, science of breath, meditation, movement therapy, aromatherapy, bodywork, psycho-synthesis, science of cards and numerology, & several other disciplines. Every session is customized to you and aims to guide and assist you to understand the roots of conflict and give you the tools to find practical, effective solutions. Toxic energy, negative patterns and self-defeating behavior is identified, understood and ultimately transformed into positive, life-affirming energy. The benefit to you is directly measurable as you experience more career success, better health and vitality, happier and richer relationships and an overall sense of fulfillment in and about your life! And  this results  can be achieved within 3 to 6 sessions, depending on your willingness and commitment to the process!

Your Thoughts

“Taron, some of your wisdom has rubbed off on me and given my life some good direction! I simply just want to thank you for your presence, words and powerful being.” (Joe Dooley, Chicago)

“The insights and support that Taron has provided has moved me into the driver’s seat of my own life.  I am now living the life I wished for.” (Natashia Hallikowski, Certified Coach, Calgary)

“Taron, my work with you to help me build my business is also exciting and difficult as it might be at times, I am still raring to go!! At the end of this day, I want to thank you for your support as the professional and very decent human being that you are.  The world needs more people in it that care about people! Thank you!!” (Terisa Klassen, Writes of Passage, Calgary)


First session - REG $450.00 + gst. This 3 hour session includes a full personal profile, including reports, to identify the BIG PICTURE  - where are you coming from, where are you at now, and where would you like to be in your life!


To book a 15 minute, complementary phone call with Taron, e-mail or call:
taron@energyinmotion.org | Ph: 1- (403) 278-8358.

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